Saturday, 10 August 2013


Today people are forgot to teach moral ethics to their children so only lot of crimes are occurring in the society, parents don’t know the correct way that will secure their children they know about good colleges and schools to educate their wards but they didn’t teach about the moral thoughts, to their children, because they think it is duty of the school teacher. Today is the fastest world all are running for victory, so at this time it is our duty it is the society’s duty to grow its youths correctly and safely that only bring us the better and best environment even parents also not aware of the literature stories, why I am talking about the literature, because it only holds the thing what we need in our life.
Literature can talk about history, economics, politics, and science (etc) it holds all the things, and we can’t study all these but it is necessary for us to learn some important, useful stories and epics from the literature it will motivate, allow us to lead a perfect life E.g. Ramayana, Mahabharata talks about the people and how can we lead a nice life path, these epics has lots and lots of useful stories it will educate us and guide us, and what to do in life and at the same time what not to do and What is the role of a person in his family, society and country that we can learn from these epics. So like this we have lots and lots of epics in India.
So choose the correct one and learn something and follow a little bit, according to Swami Vivekananda “take only five concepts (principles) in your life and follow it”, so not even five take one good principle and follow it. First parents must know all these things, today they are not reading this, so they didn’t recommend these to their wards, It is must parents first have to learn these first. It is not students, children fault it is parent’s fault, so in future if we need a good society it is our duty to learn some good things. So who are all parents today all have the great job (i.e.) to learn something good and recommend it to their children, without a good parent no good child will be grown up, mother is the first teacher to a child. Lots of parents are working as a teacher today so their work is more; to become a good teacher it is necessary for them to learn about our history, literature, because it only teach about our country and people.
One who want to become a good teacher (or) parent (or) both, learns the history and epics of our nation. Our epic gives us lots and lots of wealth but we are not learning that, and we borrowing the useless thoughts from foreign nations, our epics have unimaginable, unbelievable, excellent stories, all have the habit of reading stories, so go and read the good ones, we are spending lots and lots of money to buy useless stories books all these have only negative ideas and, it will not help us, so we take a pledge today that ‘here after we must buy only good stories with epic background, good story books with positive thoughts about our country and religion’.
It gives you nice reading experience; it allows us to live in the path of truth and to serve the society, valuable thoughts only allow (or) lead us to live an excellent life style, so for valuable thoughts, these good epics and stories will help. It is our time to lead the country, it is our time to get the victory, it is our time to chase our goals. So it is the right time to learn the good things. If parents, teachers get the valuable knowledge then they will teach it to their children, so it can help us to survive in a good environment.
So it is necessary for all the parents to be a good teacher to their children and it is necessary for all the people to be a good citizen to their country.